Thursday, August 19, 2010

Making old shoes look new!

For my sweet little diva 2 year old, I decided to soup up some of her old shoes and give her what she wants. Glittler, and bows. If you have ever had the "princess" type daughter, you will appreciate these shoes. This is how her shoe started, I was such a dork I forgot to take a picture before I got out the sharpie markers, so this is the shoe after I colored the flowers red, (they were off pink before), and I colored in the red stripes that were already there before, but looking really grubby.

<-- Right here I used a cotton swab to apply Elmer's glue to the front of the shoe, only on the white panel. Then I added that really fine powdery glitter (sorry I don't have an exact name for it.) For the flowers on the shoes I did the same thing, used a cotton swab and added the glue to the petals of the flower, not the middle, and added the glitter.
Last I tied a red ribbon into a bow and hot glued it onto the back of the shoe under that little loopy. I know the ribbon is probably over the top and a bit cheesy, but you should have seen her eyes pop out when she saw her new shoes!
The bow was the finishing touch, so I sprayed the glitter parts of the shoe lightly with hairspray for some extra stick, and wiped off the shoe with a clean cotton swab to get rid of the extra glitter that was hanging onto the shoe.

When I was sure they were dry I let her try them on, and her little gasp and point, "Shoes!" told me not only that I have a mini woman on my hands, but that she approves of the new look of her shoe. :)

Making an old backpack look new!

Okay, so for the new school year, I always want my kids to have everything new- however this year it wasn’t possible. So I decided to soup up the kids old backpacks to look new, and why not? Thats what we should be doing anyways right? So, I got out the backpacks, ran them through the washer, and got out my favorite secret box of sharpie markers! Did I mention I loooove sharpies? I wish I had some before pictures on the backpacks but I was an idiot and didnt think of taking them! But you can imagine the grubby old look that an old backpack has. Here is my sons backpack that had some stains and scoffs on the grey strips on both sides of his hero’s in the middle- so I drew the crazy flames in blue and colored them in with orange and yellow, then filled in the background with red. I did this on both sides and it even though they were just two small parts of the backpack it really did make it look new and the marker hid the stains that plain grey didn’t.
My daughter’s backpack was all pink and white, and I should mention she is ALL done having pink anywhere around her. Now that she’s ooooolder she refuses anything that may come across as “little girly”. Luckily, she doesn’t mind purple, and has a love for kokopelli’s so thats what I went for.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter fun!

Eggs!  Yum.  Its a good thing Zach and I love hard boiled eggs, because this year we ended up with five cartons of them!  Ha!  Luckily my kids love them too.  0326001846a

Family came over and we had a great time on Friday, dying eggs and making chocolate Easter nests.  Oh! And we watched Charlie Brown Easter….


The kids are getting so much older and so creative. 

Austin had fun making movie characters out of his…0326001859c

Sydney was very delicate and thoughtful with hers


Zaida ate half of her eggs before she was done dying them!


Hannah was very careful and creative…


Ammon got more dye on his hands than on his eggs but had a wonderful time…


Zachie (who had a surprisingly great time)


Lizzy had a wonderful time painting eggs by dipping paint brushes in the dye.  0326001851

Bring on the bunny!

My #1 Bean…

Ever since Hannah was little we knew she was different from the regular kid.  From her sweet spirit to her desire to learn more, she has always been such a shining light in our home… alright, cheesy “mommy” moment over. 

Hannah went to an Achievement Days event at the church and it was SO awesome.  They did all the girls hair and 0324001818agave them a flower and poem. Each girl got to stand up and tell what their favorite things are and what they love to do.  Then they walked a red carpet and posed for pictures.  The leaders in this ward are incredible to say the least! 0324001825

A few days ago Hannah begged me to teach her how to make french toast.  She did a wonderful job and now begs everyday to make it again.   She’s a natural!

I love this little Bean!!!



Life by the inch is a cinch…

In the garden yesterday and today… what a wonderful way to spend the day!!!


Zach and I worked on 2 garden beds and 3 garden spots, in addition to a small stream we are making.  0328001729_0006

These pictures dont show it but the kids were really helpful and even helped Grandma Lin with her yard! 


I’m so thankful for today :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Garden Therapy…

Plans for my yard and garden are coming along really well.  Its tricky finding time between kids and strange Utah weather, but I can see the future of it in my head and its breathtaking! 

Mom helped me get boards for 2 raised garden beds which i’m really excited about. 

*side note* did you know there is a clearence section in Home Depot with boards in it that go from $2 to $6?  Awesome. 

Making plans and working on this yard has been a really great relief for me.  The other day I planted a rose bush in the front yard all by myself and just in that alone time, me the rose bush and the soil, it was perfect. I would have taken that one moment over a Spa treatment any day. 


Dear Zach,

Hey babe.  I cant belive how much we’ve been threw.  I cant believe we made it threw the year of all evil.  And yet, somehow I always knew we could.   You are all I want.  From the beginning of the glow stars in the hallway, and the deaths saved by a kiss, until now, swallowed in autism and fighting off debt, you have always been the only one for me.  True stable and unwavering I know you are the only one I want to have in my life.

I love you very much. 

I cant wait for our date night this weekend. I cant wait to make many more- I dont care what it takes.  I cant wait to bond with you again and grow with you more than we already have.  Because right when we think we are at our wits end we always find we are just at the beginning and I cant imagine anyone else I would rather have by my side than you. 

I love you.